Clayathon and January Meeting Updates

I want to keep everything in one place, so I am moving the report I started on our website here.

If you were at one of these events, please let us know what you enjoyed!  And I hope you will all join me in Congratulating Guild Member, Lois Rosenthal for her upcoming show (details below.)

Here’s a little about what went on  in January!Scroll down for reports on the January Meeting, but this news goes straight to the top!  Congratulations to Guild Member Lois Rosenthal whose work was accepted in the 37th Annual Monmouth Festival of the arts.  Check the Calendar for details on this show coming up March 24-28th in Tinton Falls, NJ.

Jan 12-15 CLAYATHON!!  See the pictures here.

Well 25 of us descended on the Days Inn in Pleasantville for 72 hours plus of claying to our hearts content.  We are grateful that the Clay-a-thong was not required by the dress code.  The second annual Clayathon was a resounding success.  There were amazing demos of silk screening and inks by Melanie West and Arlene Groch.  Lisa Clarke showed off her triangle cane (very cool).  And Robin demoed her fabulous scrap feather cane.  (Your dear writer is not a demo-goer herself, but the buzz was very good and all seemed very pleased!)

The Bottles of Hope Challenge was an amazing success with unique and inspired entries.  Congratulations to the team of judges who came up with excellent and witty categories for each beautiful bottles.  Congratulations also to Janet Scheetz who won best of show with her cheery undersea Bottle of Hope.  As a follow up, thanks to Angie and Becky for dressing the bottles in tulle and ribbon to prepare them for their journey to their new owners.  Some have already been distributed to patients and survivors at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philly.  There were tears and hugs and smiles all around.  THANK YOU to all who participated.  I am glad the Guild will be picking up this project.  Many took bottles at our meeting today.

So for you that missed it, better luck next year.  The Clayathon is held on Martin Luther King, Jr Weekend Annually and is the brainchild of the amazing South Jersey Polyaddicts.

January 21  MONTHLY MEETING:  Fabulous Faux

What a great meeting we had today!  Almost 20 attendees enjoyed demos on faux techniques including Gwen’s Amber, Sarah’s goldstone , a reprise of Robin’s scrap feather cane, and Lili’s colorful acrylic ink, pinata texture combo.  Rai Nelson (one of our founding mothers!) paid  a special visit with an invite to teach a PMC and polymer class for us  (probably next Fall).  The Bottles of Hope project was reviewed, and there was lots of enthusiasm to continue the project as a guild. (check out for more info.)   Again THANKS to Becky and Angie for dressing the bottles up so nicely!

We declared amnesty on overdue library items and that was well received (a few late returns are in, and all is well.)  The library is well stocked, and we are thrilled that guild member Lisa Clarke ( will be helping us to scout out acquisitions for our library.  If you have something you want added you can email Lisa

Show and Tell was lots of fun.  Robin’s amazing faux wood got a lot of oohs and aaahs.  We were all delighted to hear that Lois was juried into an important show.  Her bead crochet pieces were just lovely.  The show is in early April and we’ll post the information when she gets it to us.  Emily has been working on envirotex coated tiles made in similar designs (and extraordinary color!) as her lovely little bowls. We saw the prototype, and she’ll be making more to accent her kitchen backsplash.  Sue entertained us with her story of firing her pieces… I think literally, but I missed some of it.  The pieces were still beautiful, but did have a little bit of a toasty background color.  Joyce, as always, showed her flawless pieced including a faux stone bracelet she made in a class with kim Cavender in Las Vegas at the Clay Carnival.  I had a snowglobe – got the parts at  Terri had some faux stones, including a cool one with a tranlucent backfill into a brown painted crack… well it was a lot cooler than that sounds!

So if I knew I was going to be doing this I’d have taken better notes.  Sorry for anyone I missed. Pictures will be up on our photo website as soon as Martha can get them there.  We had a great time, and we are all looking forward to next month!!!


One comment

  1. I realize it’s hard to believe but I’m a virgin blogger. No comments needed.

    Sarah, FYI, there was no fire, only smoke.

    This really was a terrific meeting! I was a good 3 hours late and still gleened lots of new information and refreshed my sieve like memory. Now the re-retention…

    Show and tell is usually my favorite thing. We all learn so much from each others success and mistakes. Thank you everyone in our Guild for being so generous with your experiences and ideas! We have so much fun!

    I encourage everyone to make a point to attend to our upcoming meetings. We have an unbelievable parade of Guest Artists coming up. Beg, borrow or steal the time but get there!

    It’s always a gift to see faces we haven’t seen for awhile. Yes, life gets us all side tracked from time to time, but it’s worth renewing friendships and doing something so much fun like working with polymer clay. It was great to see you! Everyone else that’s MIA, we miss you!

    Looking forward to February!

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