Another polymer clay blog!

Our Motto - thanks to Guild Member Lisa Clarke

So I understand that there will be a surge in polymer clay blogs in the coming year.  Certainly Cynthia Tinapple’s has most visibly lead the way and expanded everyone’s imagination.  Over the past two years, I have been working to make our Guild website accurate and a useful way for members to get information about meetings and classes.  My goal was eventually to expand to a more interactive format.  It looks like we are getting on the bandwagon and giving blogging a try.

Online resources for blogging and photo galleries are getting to be very user friendly.  We now have a Flickr account where our new Photo Webmistress, Patti Rogers, will be uploading pictures from our events.  We will also have folders for member’s artwork.  The photo site, like this one, allows for comments from viewers. 

I am looking forward to seeing how the Guild members embrace the interactive features.  I believe it will help us grow in our art and also will enhance the strength of our organization.  We have gained so many new members from our web presence, so I know we will make new friends as well.

I am proud to be a member of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild.  Our founders like Ellen Marshall and Rai Nelson gave us a vision.  Our past presidents and executive boards like Martha Aleo, Sherman Oberson and Toby Troffkin, and Terri Powell gave us structure and resources (library, funds).  In the past two years under Sue Springer’s guidance, we have evolved into a very efficient organization leaving us lots of time to clay!  That’s been important because Arlene Groch has brought many new members and helped us establish a new area tradition of the Annual Atlantic City CLAYATHON.

So fellow Guild Members, check in here and give your comments on meetings, classes, events, your tips and tricks…. whatever!   Send your photos to Patti through our website so she can post them on our Flickr site:  Hey, check out the pics on the Flickr site while you’re at it! 

We keep a big mailing list of Guild Members, and folks I like to call Philadelphia Area Polymer Guild Sympathizers.  Whichever group you are in, I bid you welcome to our blog.

Sarah Fisher

PAPCG Guild Cheerleader

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  1. Past presidents also include Connie Sheerin, Rai Nelson and Carole Haines. Ellen also served as co-president for two years and is a past president of the National Polymer Clay Guild.

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