Our Famous Members

Well our most famous member is probably Ellen Marshall whose book Polymer Clay Surface Design Recipes  has been oft quoted on the PC lists and websites.  It was a best seller at our member Lisa Clarke’s site www.polkadotcreations.com.  If you haven’t seen it check it out: http://www.polkadotcreations.com/books/detail_1592531717.html.  Ellen also had a project in Georgia Sargent’s book a few years back.  I actually had donated my copy to the guild.  When I met Georgia at a class, she reminded me of this, so I had to go out and buy another copy…. (as we say at work: “that’s how I roll.”)  Ellen teaches nationally and inspires us all. 

I am sitting here typing while I listen to PolkaDot Radio from Lisa Clarke’s website.  Now she is connected!   Her site is the go to place for Polymer Clay and art related books, videos and dvds.  She has expanded into her own blog AND the aforementioned Polka Dot Radio.  I like her taste in music….

Another nationally known member is Wilma Yost (and her omnipresent other half, Rob.)   The two of them have grown an amazing Polymer Clay emporium at www.polymerclayexpress.com.  Their knowledge is expansive and their generous support of the guild has always been appreciated.

And our President, Sue Springer, was a finalist in last year’s NPCG juried show Progress and Possibilities.  We have members artwork featured in various book “gallery sections.”  Martha Aleo has been our most prolific writer with features in the Polyinformer and PolymerCafe in addition to her semi annual Guild publication: The Clay News.  (here’s the most recent one:  http://www.papcg.org/The%20Clay%20News%20January%202007%20(2).pdf (you will need Adobe Reader.)

So Shiny Happy People is playing out of my laptop speakers.  We certainly are!  We are proud of our famous members, but one of them is going to be a tv star…. Tune in later in the week and see what that’s about!


  1. I just wanted to add that I brought my set of masks that I created at the Clayathon”g” to our bead meeting and everyone loved them. Some even asked if they were for sale. I also liked them so much that I decided I couldn’t give them away at our guild Mask swap so I made a whole other set. I tried silk sceening and ink and various other techniques I learned at the clayathon and then picked my favorites. I still have 13 beautiful masks for my swap but now I also have 13 to keep. So much fun – Robin

  2. I find it is unusual to be very productive in this way at an overnight retreat… more a time for socializing and getting a little done. It doesn’t seem that way with the Clayathon! We had a great set up and group. Count me as one who thinks having the dedicated oven monitor really helped.

    Maybe we’ll have to make some inter guild swaps!

  3. How nice to have our own blog. Thanks, Sarah, for creating it.

    I’m glad you were “productive” at our Clayathon, Robin. Please post your favorite masks on our web site photo section, so we cann all see them.

    I also felt productive, in spite of my miserable cold. I got so “turned on” making Mezuzah’s, and knew I had a show coming up at my synagogue, so I just kept on making more after the weekend. With Patti Rogers’ help we figured out how to imbed a wire hanger in the back, and to make the tops to fit the wierd openings I’d created in the top of each. I completed 20 before yesterday’s show and sold 4 of them at the show and got lots of good feedback about them. Upon request I left another 5 at our synagogue’s gift shop, so this week I’m looking forward to replenishing my “stock”.

    When creating the Clayathon concept in 2005, we were sure we wanted it to be first claying [doing and learning and teaching and sharing], then having fun and socializing. I’m delighted that after 2 Clayathons, it seems we have accomplished that goal. And the bonus for those of us who did the planning, is that it gets easier to do so each year. Experience really does help!

    Here’s the good news: I was able to secure the same site for the MLK weekend [Jan. 18-21] next year. All readers of this blog…. let me know if you want me to count you in for next year’s Clayathon.
    Arlene Groch

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