Creativity born out of community…

Born at the ClayathonOne of the great things about our Guild is the cross pollination with members of other Guilds.  We can almost claim a regional network from our regular partnering with the New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild and Central Maryland Polymer Clay Guild. 

Check our friends out at their Yahoo Groups: ( and

NJPCG President, Robin Milne, has excited her guild with a  Mask Swap.  The lovelies pictured were born at the Clayathon and have inspired her Guild to continue the project.

If you aren’t near us, why not check out your area local Guild.  If there isn’t one, find a friend or two and look at the National Polymer Clay Guild website for some ideas to get started:

If you are near us…. well I expect to be seeing you soon!  It’s time to unmask your creativity.


  1. I made a mask shape by hand out of scrap clay and baked it. Then I created the mask design flat and cut it out with an oval cutter. I powdered the mold with corn starch and placed the oval over top. Then I cut out the eyes and baked it. I had to make sure I took them off the mold when they were warm or they would crack.

    Our guild scheduled the mask swap and I made the first batch of masks but I wanted to keep them so then I made more. Our swap is coming up this Sunday. It’s so exciting. – Robin

  2. Robin: I am so glad that you decided to keep a set for yourself. They really are wonderful. How do you plan to display them?

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