Master Classes… it’s what we do.

canes1.jpg  The Arabesque Cane by Jana Roberts Benzon

Ellen Marshall co-founded the guild with a purpose.  She didn’t think she should have to travel to another major metropolis to take a class from important Polymer Clay Artists.  Philadelphia is a big place, after all.  We should be able to have the classes here! 

And we do.

Our next class will be April 14th at our usual location of Hillman House.  Jana Roberts Benzon will be teaching the construction of her famous Arabesque Cane.

Jana is blesssed with humility and she will probably protest a bit, but I definitely rank her as an important Polymer Clay Artist.  Her use of color is striking.  Her art work is mesmerizing.  She has significantly advanced the art form and brought many fresh new designs into play.  As if that wasn’t enough, she has also earned a reputation as an excellent teacher who gives 110% to her students.  We are happy to have her with us.

The best news is members who can’t attend or who want just a taste of the experience can learn from Jana as she clays with us on April 15 at our regular monthly meeting.

You can sign up for the class on our website:

See Jana’s work at

See you at the Master Class!

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