And who is our new TV Star?

Lights, Camera, Action!I did promise to let you know.

Congratulations to Guild Member Martha Aleo!  She will be featured on That’s Clever this year demonstrating two projects.  We don’t have an air date yet, but I saw they have already broadcast the other segment they filmed the same day.

I am sure Martha will keep us posted to let us know when it airs.  I’ll mention it here when I know.

Her episode will be #318.  Here’s the description:

Torn Paper Collage, Polymer Clay Memory Book, Handpainted Leather Purse, Polymer Clay Festive Pen

Elizabeth Brigham of
Portland, Ore., designs a torn paper collage.
Martha Aleo from
South Philadelphia, Pa., makes a polymer clay memory book, and later, shows how to make a festive pen. Lupe Salais from
Dallas stitches together a handpainted leather purse.

Check out That’s Clever on the HGTV website: 

***** ADDENDUM:  Set your TIVOs or VCRs or whatever for March 5 to see Martha in action!

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