Let’s get Visual….

Our Photo WebMistressOur Photo WebMistress

Face it, we LOVE to see what everyone makes out of those precious little packets of colored clays.  Many thanks to Patti Underwood who has taken on the important job of sorting through literally hundreds of digital photo files to keep our Photo site updated (See them at http://www.flickr.com/photos/papcg/sets/ if you haven’t been lately.)

Patti is reviewing each picture and optimizing the best in Photoshop before uploading.  All members of the Guild can have their work posted on this site, so you can email Patti (PhotoWebmistress@papcg.org) to find out how to get your work posted.

Keep an eye on the Flickr site.  Patti is putting up some of the older work.  We don’t know who made all the pieces, so we need your help!  If you see an untitled piece that you or someone you know made, post a comment and let us all in on it.

And for those of you who didn’t see Martha’s comment on her upcoming That’s Clever, you can see the projects she completed for the tv cameras at her website: http://marthaaleo.tripod.com (scroll down.)

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