Show and Tell

That is a big part of our meeting.  It is great to hear folks “Defend their art!”  (in the words of the host of the now gratefully defunct, Craftcorner Deathmatch.)

Sue will be coming along with a description of February’s show and tell, but in the meantime, I’ll bring you my new find.

The Guild members oooohed and aaahhhed over my new modified pasta machine.  An Atlas with easily detachable scraper blades.  Quick and easy to clean.  Like the Holy Grail of pasta machines.

I owe it all the Mona Kissel’s husband, Ranier.  He designed this adaptation that makes cleaning pasta machines a breeze.  I sent my machine off to them and WOW.   The group was in awe.

You can have your PM enhanced, too.  Check out under Tools.  It is the next best thing since sliced bread… and if you are low carb, then it’s better!

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