Martha was Amazing – See it next week at our meeting!

Martha and Her Better HalfSo I am sitting here by the DVR burning discs with Martha’s That’s Clever segment.  She did us proud.  She was poised and knowledgeable on a show that often celebrates goofiness.  Way to go Martha!

If you missed it, come to our meeting next week (March 18).  I’ll be bringing these DVDs.  There will be some for the library as well.

Thanks to Robin for reminding me to keep up with the blog.  We have had some life getting in the way around here, but I do have some things to post coming up.  Tomorrow will be dedicated to the sad announcement of the loss of our Guild Member, Barbara Braunstein who died suddenly last month.  Arlene has prepared some pictures and words to share.

One comment

  1. I finally got the nerve to watch the episode. They really are pros. They made me look much better than I really am, even though my pants were falling down when I was putting stuff in the oven, and I forgot to put on my shoes.

    And that’s a great picture of me. But who’s the guy? 🙂

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