Show and Tell: A message from our President!

President Sue, that is.  Ok, we are artists, not software engineers… Sue and I have been trying to get through the mechanics of having her post on the Blog.  This entry has been hiding somewhere for a week, but it is still a good read:

Hey Folks, I realize I was supposed to write sooner but…life. It’s snowing out and it seems the groundhog was wrong. Why would we place our hope in a rodent anyway? That’s what they make traps for

.I started this a few days ago and saved it. Robin warned me about loosing info on the web. I thought, come-on that’s Robin. Well, she was right. My blog got sucked into cyberspace and it’s probably out to Mars by now. 

So I had every intention of writing about everyones’ Show and Tell. Unfortunately I lost my cheat sheet. (That’s why they voted me president. Organized and efficient. They obviously weren’t awake during the vote. ) Therefore I will refrain from commenting on individual work BUT I will talk about my favorite part of the meetings.  As you probably guessed it is Show and Tell.  It seems Eugena loved this part too. 

When we run our Show and Tell it offers each of us an opportunity to share ideas and methods as well as receive constructive critisizm from other artists. Often when we have a problem with our work someone else has had the same problem in the past and can offer advice to avoid it next time. It’s a very relaxed place to give and receive comments in a non-threatening setting. I’ve seen newcomers say they would put a piece on the table but wouldn’t comment on it. I don’t hesitate to set them up. I say,”That’s fine.” When we get to their work and I look at them they don’t hesitate to share because we have such a relaxed group.  Those burnt items are always good for a laugh.  We occasionally see techniques that are new to the polymer crowd. These are usually very serendipitous. The problem seems to be in repeating the process because we often get where we’re going by accident. That’s how my husband drives. I hope he doesn’t read this.

In conclusion we would love to see you attend a meeting and bring some work for Show and Tell. It doesn’t have to be polymer because we have so many multi-medium artists. We just love to share and grow together. It’s always exciting to see the current months work. So we’ll be watching for you there! 

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