Reporting from our Prez

Sarah is absolutely right! The meeting was a WOW!  We had six past and present Guild Presidents representing guilds from 3 states there. It was like a cosmic convergence or something. It’s a miracle our heads didn’t explode. 

Valerie was a delight and it was clear she loves Sculpey Ultra Light. I think I love it now too. I’ve been giving my friends and family a closed eye weight comparison of hollow beads made from Premo and Ultra Light. Everyone is surprised because the Ultra Light bead is twice the size of the regular bead and half the weight. I’m surprised because I actually made something to bring home. 

Show and Tell was spectacular and many of us encouraged Emily to enter her tiles in “Progress and Possibilities 07”. If you haven’t gotten to see them Sarah will be posting pictures. They are incredible and Emily’s kitchen will be the envy of all of us. Her local tile store is interested in selling them. Get that entry in Emily! We’re behind you because we know your a winner!  



  1. Thanks for such support! In fact, I mailed the entry in yesterday! My photographer friend, Lynn Rosenthal, shot the pix, and I have to say that she did an absolutely outstanding job at highlighting all the nuances.

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