Exploring the possibilities with polymer clay!


Arlene taught us the plural for Mezuzah and showed us some real beauties.  (If you are not familiar or want to learn more see: http://www.torahscribe.com/mezuzah.htm)

Arlene has always been known for her passion for polymer and cutting edge techniques.  I was not alone in those who observed these Mezuzot to be her best and most delightful work ever.  I love them all.

Our guest artist was so enchanted with them, that Arlene graciously donated one to give as a gift to Valerie from the Guild. 

Brava, Arlene!


Comments on: "March Show and Tell: Marvelous Mezuzot" (2)

  1. Sue Springer said:

    I was trying to figure out the plural. Mesusi, mezuzorum. Mezuzot is much better. Arlene these were definately your best yet!

  2. Arlene Groch said:

    Thanks, Sue and Sarah,
    I took your advice and submitted three of them to Progress and Possibilities, 2007. Regardless of the results, it was well worth doing, because I learned so much in the process. After MUCH struggle, I figured out how to get the best photos with my equipment, how to crop out a portion and blow it up for a “detail”, and how to get the the proper size in Photoshop—then saved them to a CD and rushed to the post office to overnight them to Dianne Villano. Next year’s entry will be a piece of cake!

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