A new kind of Artist Trading Cards?


So Robin showed us these nifty cards she got from her Flickr photos.  There is a company that prints up these little mini business cards with your own photos for about $0.25 each.  They advertise on Flickr if you want some of your own.

Here you see some of Robin’s mini foods that look good enough to eat!  That piece of pizza is under 2 inches as is the Rocket Pop (or at least that’s what I call them.)  She also has some of her jewelry pieces on the others.

One comment

  1. The name of the website to order the mini cards is on the box in the photo. For those of you without superhuman eyesight it is moo.com/flickr Someone at the meeting had a great idea that they could be used as the tags for your work for sale. I just think its fun to have a mini portfolio to carry around. – Robin

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