I need your help!


It is a feature of our memory that we are able to recall the beginning and end of a long list of items much better than those in the middle.  Furthermore, the mind can only remember 7 plus or minus 2 unrelated facts handily.  Well we had a lot of facts to learn at our last meeting…. Way more than 7!

So that’s my scientific explanation and somewhat sheepish apology for not recalling who made this lovely lentil.  Please let me know!  They were so lovely and sparkly in person…

See Arlene’s comment for this lovely lentil’s pedigree… Susan made these beads!


  1. This is an easy one. Susan Gross made it. She and I were fooling around with lentil beads one afternoon. We each created a transluscent striped cane [she the blue and I the orange, natch!], and added some leftover crackled gold leaf on black clay, and then shared our results. She then created a whole series of gorgious lentils, including this one.
    We agreed again that these clever beads are truly addictive.

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