Sue Springer’s Excellent Art-O-Mat Adventure


So here’s a report from our Prez on her trip to the Art-o-Mat (  Thanks to Barbara Forbes-Lyon for the orginal article on this at the new NPCG website: 

Take it away, Sue:

So, I went to the Art-o-mat. I’m pretty sure it is like crack cocaine in that it’s instantly addictive.  

It’s at my public library so I went I asked the little old lady librarian where it was. She laughed and pointed it out. I walked over to the newly decorated primitive robot. It had the word Art-o-mat scrawled across the top like a Back To The Future banner.

The last time I used one of these things I’m sure I put in 35 cents and got a pack of Camel filter-less. Yes, I used to smoke. I started to scan through the offerings and I wanted one of everything. I needed tokens. I was sure they would be 20 bucks a piece. I went to the desk and asked how much the tokens were.


Only 5 bucks?!  I’ll take 2 please.  


No tax either! I’m sure they get you somehow.


The ladies showed me a sample of what treasures lie in store for the clients of Art-o-mat. I couldn’t wait and swiftly returned to try and figure out which choice was best. There was some of everything. Fiber art, jewelry, poetry, books, and even a cast aluminum saltine cracker. I finally decided on a finger puppet. That should keep me busy. 


 I dropped in the token pulled the handle and immediately recognized the sound of the inner workings. Chung-chung, and there it was in the bottom. It was in a package the same size as a cigarette pack. I picked it up but didn’t open it. I had one more choice to make. It wasn’t easy. I chose an abstract. Chung-chung. I just wanted more tokens. I took my treasures to the desk and I think the librarians were more excited than I was.

The finger puppet is pretty funny. He’s got a name and apparently three more buddies. I could collect ’em all! My abstract is a cat, with glitter I might add. It’s mounted nicely on red plywood. I’ve been so excited I can’t wipe the smile off my face. The stuff is perfect for pocketbook art. Compact and unique.  Therefore, I encourage you to find and Art-o-mat near you and take advantage of the array of wares offered by fellow artists for only 5, count ’em, 5 bucks a piece! It’s more fun than lottery tickets because you always get a prize!


I’m gonna have to budget this in.


(Addendum from Sarah – Take a look at the Art-o-Mat site for instructions on submitting your own art to be dispensed int an Art-O-Mat.  Polymer Clay is great for this venue.  The items are similar in size to Artist Trading Cards and other things we swap.) 

One comment

  1. From Barbara Forbes-Lyon:
    That’s awesome!

    Sarah – I got the idea from Susan Lomuto at Polymer Clay Notes, please credit her as well.


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