Emily’s tiles


So we got the word that it’s ok for items submitted for the NPCG Progress and Possibilities 2007 show to be published on the Internet. 

And here is one of Emily’s marvelous tiles!  It’s always hard to really demonstrate the depth in a photo.  The tiles all show Emily’s great sense of color and symmetry.  They two inches square and are coated in Envirotex for a deep glossy finish that stands up to the rigors of the kitchen backsplash.

She will be installing these in her kitchen.  Already the architect wants her to supply him for his other customers.  We love ’em too!

One comment

  1. Yeah, Emily! First off, the picture really doesn’t do the tile justice–these things are amazingly gorgeous. But secondly, this is a great example of one of the benefits of participating in the guild. Emily had the idea for these great tiles, but was unsure of what the right finishing technique would be to stand up to the rigors of kitchen use. Folks from the guild had a variety of suggestions, Emily worked through them and found what was best, and now her tiles are going pro! Congratulations!

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