You Ultralight up my life…..


I didn’t realize it had been so long since I blogged.  I did get my taxes done, so perhaps that’s why the past four days are a blur….  Now I can get back to something that’s a little more entertaining.

A discussion of our March Meeting wouldn’t be complete without a word about Polyform’s Ultralight clay.  Valerie Aharoni clearly loves it for, among other things, the wonderful way it takes a surface treatment whether raw or cured.  She brought Ultralight for everyone and we were delighted!

I’ll tell you, a hollow form made from Ultralight clay is REALLY light.  That makes these hollow pendants Valerie made (pictured above) elegant and wearable.  Valerie generously shared her methods with us.  I agree with her this form leaves you a nice canvas for your favorite decorative techniques.

Seth Savarick taught us to use Ultralight clay to fill in a solid form to reduce the weight of the piece.  He forms the hollow shape from Premo, cures and then packs with Ultralight.  I have had nice results using this method for barrettes.

Last year at the Connecticut Retreat, Leigh Ross showed off her snazzy snowflakes made from Ultralight.  The ones I saw were brightly colored from pinata inks.  She has a tutorial over at Polymer Clay Central that’s worth a look:

Since so many of us received our own Ultralight thanks to Valerie and Polyform, I am anticipating some great Ultralight Show And Tell coming up at our next meeting!

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