So much you can do with Ultralight


In my case:  win valuable prizes!

I brought this Mardi Gras mask for Show And Tell at our March Meeting.  I had made it to enter a mask decorating contest at work, and I won a CD Alarm clock for my trouble.  Nice.

As Val pointed out to us, the UL has a nice matte finish that takes surface decoration with markers, inks etc very well.  This one has a shiny finish because of the thin layer of translucent (loaded with glitter, of course) over top. 

I chose the Ultralight to make the piece light enough to wear (required to win the contest) and to take advantage of the surface decoration properties (Prismacolor markers).  So basically I substituted the UL for the white Sculpey III in the technique I learned from Kathleen Dustin.  Love those Master Classes!

So this won a prize on  Ash Wednesday and here we are about six weeks later.  Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and I wish you all a Spring filled with new growth and opportuntities.

And what is Easter without eggs?  Enjoy some of this eye candy from our friend Toni Ransfield:

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