Kaleidoscopes in the air…

I am looking forward to Jana Roberts Benzon coming to town this week.  She’ll be staying with my friend Terri, and giving a Master Class on her beautiful kaleidoscopic Arabesque Canes to our Guild on Saturday.  Lucky for us her visit coincided with our regular meeting so she could join us as a Guest Artist at the Sunday Meeting!  Se her work at www.janarobertsbenzon.com.

But it is the nature of Blogs to refer amongst themselves.  I couldn’t help but notice that several Kaleidoscope cane artists have been featured all week at www.polymerclaydaily.com so you may want to take a minute to check those out.

Hope to see you at the meeting Sunday!  See www.papcg.org for more information.


  1. I’m getting ready for the Jana Roberts Benzon class. Boy do I find Kato clay hard to work with. If it was the first clay I tried, I’m not sure I’d have kept trying. I’m looking forward to the class tomorrow, see you all then. – Robin

  2. I helped Terri get her clay all prepared for this class (2 1/2 pounds!). We used the food processor and motorized pm to mix the colors quickly. It’s a good afternoon’s work.

    I think we can judge the results from Jana’s work. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone creates. Pictures will start probably Monday.

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