April Meeting & Jana’s class

I couldn’t attend this weekend as my husband had surgery on Friday.  I have been hearing only good things about the action packed weekend with a Master Class AND Guest Artist appearance by the incomparable Jana Roberts Benzon.

Things started out a little rough on Saturday when we learned the Union required our usual meeting room.  They helped set up the class in the adjacent room.  What Jana doesn’t know is that setting up those 6 tables would have cost us a few hundred dollars at union rates.  And they did it gratis!

The class was intense and ran overtime.  Jana was kind enough to come by my house for dinner afterwards so I got a chance to catch up with friends.  Also a chance to peruse her 24 page handout for the class.  Wow.

Terri has my camera and I am expecting I will have pictures to post and more reports from those who were at the meeting soon. 

And thank you for all the good wishes for my husband.  He had both eyes operated on in a rare procedure transplanting corneal cells from one eye to the other (which had been damaged in a construction accident years ago.)  His vision has been at stake – and he can’t see at all right now immediately post op.  It makes me realize how much of this polymer clay art I love is visual, and what a blessing it is to be able to enjoy it.  We are expecting this surgery will be helpful to him and the early signs look good.  So I am off to instill some eyedrops.


  1. Sarah, I missed you yesterday, and I hope your husband continues to improve!

    I had a great time at the class yesterday, and would have been there today if not for the downpour. A 2-hour drive is no fun in the rain. I have spent today playing with my new cane. I reduced it into two configurations: http://www.polkadotcreations.com/images/jrb2.jpg and used it to make a few items: http://www.polkadotcreations.com/images/jrb5a.jpg

    For anyone who is interested in how my experiments with Arabesque Caning in Sculpey went, drop by my blog: http://lisaclarke.livejournal.com/ I just posted an essay on why Sculpey is not evil and included pictures of what I made this weekend.


  2. Best of luck to your husband for a speedy recovery. The workshop was wonderful. You were missed. -Robin

  3. I echo the others in sending your husband best wishes for a quick, and successful, recovery.

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