Terri’s Report on Jana’s Class

After our intensive class with Jana on Saturday, we woke up to a yucky morning, anxious to get back to work.  On Saturday, we built our large kaleidescope canes.  The first thing we learned on Sunday was how to reduce these big honkin’ canes (roughly 3″ triangles that were 2″ long)–by smacking them onto the floor repeatedly.  Some folks formed a “drum circle” and reduced their canes together; some sat in the corner alone.  The residents must have been wondering what the heck we were doing!  After reducing the canes, everyone got to take their “Ta-Da” slice, to see what beauty waited inside.  And, wow!  For a class where we were all told to bring purple, green, and orange Skinner blends, there was an awful lot of variety in the canes, and they were all GORGEOUS.  I, for one, can’t believe I actually did it!  From there, it’s just kaleidescope caning–putting the triangles together in different orientations to form different patterns.  Jana also demoed how to she uses her lovely canes to build her “floral eruption” pieces and how to build her “dimensional lines” cane.  And lastly, after spending all day Saturday learning to build the cane, we learned how to use the leftover bits to form a quick & dirty kaleidescope cane.  

THANKS, TERRI, For your excellent report!  Pictures when I get my camera back this weekend!

One comment

  1. BIG HONKIN’ CANES! I couldn’t have discribed them better. Lots of fun and absolutely beautiful!

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