News from our Prez…

We met today to prepare things for Polydelphia! 2007.  Here’s Sue’s report.  More from me tomorrow.

WooHoo! Polydelphia ’07!!! I did get to Terri’s really late and the Goodie Bag Packers were already finished so I can’t take any credit but, Baby, you are in for a treat!  

Thank you Terri for all your work and endless rounding up of supplies for us to try!  Thanks to all the suppliers who have donated so generously to our retreat! Thanks to the wonderful group of artists who have donated such beautiful items to our auction. Thanks to our homegrowns who have and will yet contribute to our auction.  

Sarah, I’m so sorry you won’t be there! But please learn new and exciting techniques for our anesthesia when we need to have surgery. Enjoy time with Eric as well. Send our regards to Broadway and say “Hi”, to Kevin Spacey for us .  

For those of you heading our way, we look forward to hosting you. We can’t wait to see some demos that are not part of our current Guild repertoire.  Feel free to enlighten us. We can’t seem to share or learn enough and look forward to see each others interpretations of the same techniques. Good food, good friends, good inspiration and good art.

 I love this city! I love this Guild! I love this event! I do hate the parking authority though… See you soon!


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