Get your Goodie Bags here!


Here are some scenes from the Great Goodie Bag packing party!  If you’ve registered, we have you down for one.  (We have “full bags” for the first 50 registrants and 10 more that have most of the goodies…)


  1. In case you can’t tell from the pictures, the goodie bags are STUFFED! We got all sort of good swag, from a variety of generous contributors. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but there is literature, product, and maybe even discount coupons in your goodie bags. I have been so impressed with the generosity of the contributing vendors. Remember that we’ll be posting their web addresses to our website after Polydelphia!, so that we can be sure to support the businesses that support us.
    See you all Saturday!

  2. As a deputized goodie bag stuffer, I can attest that the value of the contents more than covers the cost of Polydelphia. Every year they get better and better!

  3. The goodie bags sound great but so does the party you guys had putting them together. – Robin

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