Views of Polydelphia from our Prez

What a great way to spend a weekend! Polydelphia was so much fun! 

As leadership we always approach the weekend with fear and trepidation. We take gambles with certain aspects of the weekend and hope for the best. From my experience with this group of people, even if a problem arises, someone manages to jump right in and fill the need. 

I’ve worked with many volunteer groups, run a lot of events and have often felt like giving the people standing around me a good shaking just to see if they were actually alive. It is truly a privilege to work with the volunteers from PAPCG. You make the whole guild worth while! Thank you falls far short of my heart felt sentiment.

The cow bell was a great idea Arlene. I’m sure the people on Chestnut Street thought I was another Philly nut but I just had to ring it because it made such a nice sound.  A huge thank you to everyone who so willingly offered demos. I didn’t get to see any of them but I’ll pick their brains later!  Show and Tell should be great for May’s meeting! 

Terri was right when she insisted we needed some of our “home grown” talent for the auction. Everyone did a heck of a job with their donations. I ended up with domino pins that I just love. There was no card with them. Does anyone know who made them? The auction was super and we will get the links up on the website so you can purchase  items you entered raffle tickets on but didn’t win.

Thanks Terri for your months of work. We all walked away with great goodie bags. I vote that you get to take a nap now. The New Jersey PC Guild did their part to bring as many folks as possible. We always enjoy their company and all the creative ideas they bring with them. We got to meet lots of new faces from their membership. It’s easy to understand why they continue to grow.  As always we love seeing the faces from outside of our area. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I didn’t get to meet all of you but I did sneak a peek at your workspaces and wanted more time with you. I guess you will have to come back! A big thank you to our vendors. I hope it was worth the trip lugging all that stuff to our soirée. I realize I didn’t really get to shop either. It makes me kind of sad.   To all our attendees we welcome feedback, good or bad. We will start planning for next year by the end of summer. Keep those cards and letters coming! Also keep you eyes on the website for updates and new events! 


One comment

  1. Hi Sue.
    The domino pins were donated by Denise Petit. You (and Keith) won all the good stuff! I, however, traded the lovely Judy Dunn bracelet that I won for an even more beautiful bowl from Emily, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much (as long as you let me borrow Seth Savarick’s brooch).

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