Remember when you first picked up the clay?


I remember being so amazed with each creation that I demanded my family come and marvel at each one.  There was so much excitement over every new technique…. and there were so many new techniques to learn!  Of course at one point, I do seem to recall my husband saying, “No, I don’t want to look at another damn pen.”  I was so happy when I found a community of clayers to share my creations with.  My husband was pretty happy about that too.

That brings me to Louise’s lovely earrings.  Louise is fairly new to claying and the Guild.  She is vibrant, energetic and loves the clay.  I love watching her work and how she takes a simple lesson on a clay topic to a new and more creative level.  I think she’s going far in this medium.  We are lucky to have her as a new member of the Guild. 


  1. Welcome Louise! These look like tapesrty or seed beads from a distance until I enlarged them. The fun with us begins!

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