Beauty by Gwen


I should have photographed the back of this lovely pin by Gwen.  She was obviously paying attention in Seth Savarick’s class because the back is as elegant and finished as the front.

Gwen told us about her technique involving a grater and a little mess with some acrylic paint and recombining to make the clay “cane” that is her turquoise veneer here.  She also shared her experience on the qualtities of the clay block produced by this method…. like many beautiful things, it doesn’t last well, so you need to cut and use it right away.  It leads to a beautiful result, that’s for sure!

Gwen has demoed for the Guild before, but she reminded us that this is her first official Show and Tell. I sure hope she demos this technique for us some time.  I also hope this is just the first of many finished projects she brings to our Show and Tell table. 

I am on call tonight at the hospital, so I probably won’t post again til Sunday when I plan to have information on the photography set up used for these pics.

Happy Memorial Day and safe travels for those on the road!

**UPDATE:  Martha photographed the back of this pin and some of the process.  Check out the meeting pics on our Flickr site:

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