Polymer Clay Artists come together….

Our Community is bigger than we realize.  I posted a link to our blog on  the Polymer Clay Central message board and we had almost 500 visits.  We got Ellen’s beads and our blog picked up on Polymer Clay Daily and had almost 1500 visits on that day alone!  Not bad for basically a fancy pictorial “minutes” of the meeting of a group of artists in the Philadelphia Area.

I am traveling over the next week.  I leave tomorrow for a class at the Artway Studios (AKA Polymer Clay Express) with Kathleen Dustin.  On Friday my husband and I fly to the Midwest.  Some is business, but I found a way to make some PC time too!

I posted about my trip on the Polymer Clay Central Message board. You can get there through their website:  www.polymerclaycentral.com.  I highly reccomend the message board, especially if you haven’t been in a while.  They have grown past the swirly lentil stage into some pretty amazing stuff.  Of note MANY of the finalists of the National Guild’s Progress and Possibilities ’06 juried art show were regular contributors to PCC.

I got the idea for posting my trip there from a woman from the North Texas Guild who emailed me through the website when she was planning a trip to Philly.  She wanted to know where a PC artist could go, when we would meet, etc.  Great idea!  I hope I was helpful to her when I told her local stores and our guild plans for around the time of her visit.

So I posted on PCC that I was headed to St Louis and Tulsa.

Within a few hours I have a dinner date with a terrific sculptor whose work was featured at the Makin’s Booth at CHA.  I also have a clay date with the founder of the very new Tulsa Polymer Clay Guild.  WOW!

So I feel pretty blessed.  And I guess I may fall behind in my blogging, though the computer is my constant traveling companion so maybe not.  Besides, perhaps you will want to know what Kathleen’s class is like…..

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  1. I live in St. Louis, and am so excited to have Sarah (DocSarah as I know her) coming to visit! I’ve met so many wonderful PC artists on Polymer Clay Central… I feel like they are family. And, now I get to meet one of my favorite people in person! …doing the happy dance here. 🙂

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