The Clay News needs material

avtatar.jpgI hope you are all enjoying the summer.  Believe it or not, we are gearing up for the fall.  If you have any material you would like to see in The Clay News, please send it to me at  I am looking  for schedules of guild classes and activities, articles on classes we have had, classes you have taken outside of the guild,  book and video reviews, recipes, new product information and anything else you thing would interest members.    Were you in a show?  Was any of your work published?  Are you teaching? Toot your own horn! Let the world know!  I already have a featured artist lined up and a couple of articles, but if you are interested in being a featured artist in an upcoming issue, please let me know.    The deadline is Augst 17, 2007.  Thanks! ~ Martha Aleo

One comment

  1. I have the schedules for the classes and meetings, Martha. I know that Arlene has some info for you on the Clayathon…. And don’t forget the upcoming NPCG conference!

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