We are changing our website!

Well the calendar program we have been loving is going to increase in cost from $9.99/month to $99.99/ month in ten days.  I have been looking and looking and I have found a site builder that will let us have everything in one website:

Calendar, Newsletter, Members Only Area, Photo Gallery, Opt in/opt out mailing list that you can maintain, blogging and ecommerce capabilities for our classes and better graphics all in one place.  WOW.  It’s not expensive, and many people can be contributors – we can even have a message board!


I will have to shut down the website for a few days to make the transition.  It takes too many steps to build it offline, so this is the best solution.  If I feel up to it after my surgery Friday (getting the pins out of my hand, YAY), I’ll do it this weekend.  I will announce down time here.   If you go to the website and you get a 404 error, just be patient.  We’ll be back soon & better than ever!

Thanks for your support with this!


Guild Cheerleader and Official Webtinkerer

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