Website is coming along great!

Well there wasn’t much downtime, and it is pretty functional already.  I really like this program, SohoLaunch (Pro) for putting together the website.  I expect to have the online registration for Donna Kato’s Inro Intensive ready to use on Wednesday.

We have the Paypal link up for Dues already (And a special thanks to the 28 members who have ALREADY paid their dues for 2007-8!)

I know there aren’t pictures yet, but that will be coming soon.  Patti has great plans for a member’s gallery.  We will be able to link to your personal websites/Flickr site as well!

I am looking for suggestions on the website.  If you have an idea or something to add, please use the Contact Us form on the website and drop me a line:

Keep checking in, there’s something new every day.  AND there is a printable PDF brochure you can email to your friends or print out to take along with you wherever you may find PC artists. (Nice to bring along to craft shows whether you are selling or buying!)

More to come….

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