The September Meeting: A BIG hit!

With Donna Kato as our Guest Artist, how could it be anything else?  We had over 40 members attending to learn about the new Kato Concentrates, chatoyant snails and the Kato squiggle.  We had so much Show and Tell that we didn’t get to discuss all of the artwork! 

I have pictures, but not yet downloaded.  I am taking the next two weeks off and I plan to be claying up at our family home in RI.   I’ll be able to upload some pictures and entries towards the end of the week so check in around Thursday.

I’d love to hear everyone’s impressions of the meeting and suggestions for the future meetings.

The best news is that Donna agreed to come back for a repeat performance for our September meeting in 2009!

One comment

  1. What a terrific group we had turn out. I’m sure all those new faces are busy trying the dozens of new ideas they have.

    Show and Tell was great as usual and ,no, sadly we did not make it threw all the amazing new wares our members had to offer. Please bring them back in October so we can continue sharing. I’m sure we’ll have superb photos when Sarah gets them posted.

    Yeah! More Donna! What a sweet lady. Thanks Donna for your generosity.

    Our members from the Doll Club have a guest artist coming and we’ll let you know the details when we get them.

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