Excuses, excuses


So here is the start of some pictures I’ve promised.  We made these inros in Donna’s class.

I went into the Donna Kato Class and first meeting a little under the weather.  If you were there and caught a cold – it was mine….

I have put off looking at my pictures, under the guise of enjoying my vacation.  I’ve spent a few hours this morning reviewing and editing.  I am disappointed that fatigue and fever seemed to affect my ability to use the autofocus on my camera.  I have rescued a few, and, fortunately we have Martha’s that are now on the Flickr site.

I’ll put the Show and Tell pics on the website image gallery and make a class page today.  There are a few nice ones. 

And I will be putting up a page for the Donna Kato class and Polydelphia with the links to our supporters soon.  (The Polydelphia supporter list is also in the most recent Clay News.)  We will also start putting the minutes of our business meeting on the website so members can keep up to date and get involved.

So bring your items to photograph, and I resolve to do better next time. 

One comment

  1. What a great pic!!! It drew me right in with all the different colors. You all obviously had a great time!!!

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