Fall Colors at PAPCG


Last Sunday was our second meeting of the year.  The theme was Fall Colors and we had quite a seasonal Show and Tell.  I am posting my boxes with Ultralight mosaic tops and photo transfers. I had such a great time with this I am just going to share these first.  The photo transfers were a hit.  I have been working on the process – including transfers onto Ultralight (!) –  and photo transfers will be our theme for the November  Meeting.

Ellen showed us how to mix  a lovely ochre for Louise’s project.  She shared the results of her Kato color mixing experiments with a color handout that included dozens of color recipes. 

Patty was the Guest Librarian and was the first to sign out Millefiore Story.  Show and Tell lasted over an hour, and, in the end, Sue managed to drag a business meeting out of the group.  The good news there is that the membership was enthusiastic about Polydelphia! 2008 and there were many offers to help share the workload of putting on the retreat.  With all our new members, we realize we may need to find a larger venue, so that’s on the docket for discussing next time.

Many thanks to deputy blogger, Martha Aleo.  I’ll be posting a call for more deputies in the future.  It’s not hard to do, and many bloggers makes a great blog! 

You may notice I changed the template for the blog to allow us to have a visual link to our Flickr site where Martha, Patti and I are posting the Guild pics.  Take a look through them if you haven’t been there lately!

I will be posting the announcements from the meeting over the next few days.  We decided that we’ll be posting any changes in policies on the website and general announcements through the blog.

That’s it for now.  More on the website to come.  If my work isn’t too hectic, I’ll get up a little every day.  This weekend I am on the road to Polymer Clay Express for a wireworking class with Cindy Beljan and my 30th High School Reunion. 

Where does the time go? 


PAPCG Cheerleader and Web Tinkerer

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