I get by with a little Hope from my friends


Thanks to Guild Member Suzette Liptrotte who took the time to make these fantastic Bottles of Hope.  Two days ago I offered one to a young mother about to undergo a total mastectomy.  Her anxiety lessened and she was moved that an artist took the time to make something beautiful to offer her encouragement and hope in a dark and frightening time.

She chose the butterfly.  It sits by her bedside now.

I look forward to distributing the rest, but I only have a few, so I am being selective in handing them out.

I convey my patient’s thanks and my own to Suzette for participating in the Bottles of Hope project.

If you are not familiar with the project, you can learn more at www.bottlesofhope.org.   I have empty medication bottles available at our meetings for those who want to make a bottle.  I am giving them out to patients at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Hospital where I work, though they could be for anyone who you think should have one.



  1. Thanks for doing these Suzette. They are lovely.
    And Doc, the guild is out of bottles.
    Keep covering them folks! We are brightening difficult times for our recipients.

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