Eileen’s Man in the Woods


Or is it a woman’s face in a tree?  I see this interesting wall piece as decidedly masculine and joyful. 

One of the unique features of polymer clay is its dimensional quality.  We have a growing number of sculptors in our midst at the Guild.  They don’t outnumber to jewelry fans yet, but give them time. 

Have you done any sculpture, mold tweaking, or dimensional work with polymer clay?  Bring it along for Show and Tell.

Nice to see Eileen’s contribution to our Show and Tell this month! 


  1. Hi there! I have a message for Eileen, but I don’t have her email address. Maybe someone can forward it to her.

    This Saturday, 11/10, at 2 pm at the Philadelphia Museum Craft Show (at the Convention Center) the following demo:

    Steve Ford, Philadelphia, PA, booth #209 — See how this artist uses polymer clay to make jewelry — beads, pins, earrings and bracelets — with a wide range of techniques.

    More info here: http://pmacraftshow.org/artists-demonstration-schedule/


  2. Dear Linda,

    Thanks for the information. I love Ford and Forlano’s work. I think they are fine craftsmen and amazing artists. Unfortunately I am in a show with the Lehigh Valley Guild of Craftsman. If I weren’t, I would jump at the chance to watch him work.

    I appreciate you contacting me.


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