One more thing on Inkjet Transfers Your PRINTER matters

Thanks to Martha for her deputy blog.  If I didn’t convince you all that Toner/Color Laser is the way to go for transfers and you still want to try inkjet, the TYPE of Ink does make a difference.

There is a Yahoo Group on Ink-jet Transfers, and this contributor also has a store of inkjet transfer products (I’ve included the link, for your interest, check it out!).  Jessica posted on the list today the difference in the types of InkJet ink.  This may explain why Katherine Dewey gets results I can’t with my HP printer:

It is Canon who has a pigment black ink and dye based colors. HP is all dye and all of it runs.

Neither the Epsons nor the Kodak will take heavier than a 140lb watercolor paper, but otherwise,
they are your answer – explore both. Epsons are cheaper at first and more expensive later. The
Kodak is more ($200), but the ink is very inexpensice and you can replace the printheads if they get
clogged instead of throwing out the printer.

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