Ideas for Using Photo Transfers

ornament-2.jpgI put a brief tutorial on my blog on how to make holiday ornaments with photo transfers.    Now take this idea and run with it! I am eager to see what people come up with!

If the holidays are near, can the New year be far behind?  We need material for the January, 2008 issue of The Clay News

Wanna review a book or video?  Did you get into a show or gallery?  Publish an article?  Find a good recipe?  New web sites and products?  Guild news?  Coming events?  Classes you took or are going to take? Manage to tie up your partner in a new and exciting way?  (Just wanted to make sure you were still reading!) Toot your own horn and let the world know. 

Nothing needs to be fancy.  I will edit everything.  Please send all the material to me at

Get into print. Make your mother proud. 

Ze deadline, she is 12/20/07.   I’ll be waiting. . . Thanks!

Martha Aleo, Deputy Blogger

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