Hot Off the Press

     If you want to read the filthy, sordid story of the way the way I clawed myself to the top to appear on HGTV’s show, That’s Clever, read the backstory in the latest issue of PolymerCAFE.

If you want to read some more of the scandal that PolymerCAFE didn’t want you to know (No, I am not writing this with a straight face) go to my Blog, Ornamento.

This just in!!!   Our fearless leader Sue had her appendix out. Let’s all post get well wishes so she will see them the next time she logs into the Guild Reporter. Feel better Sue!!!


                                                                             Martha Aleo

                                                                             Deputy Blogger

One comment

  1. Sue is home and healing. I hope lots of folks plan to come to the February Meeting to help her plan Polydelphia! 2008!

    I am sure she would like some offers to demo at the meeting… Email us through the website with your ideas!

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