A word about our Website

Almost two years ago, we changed our website to www.papcg.org so we could have a smaller name and have it be similar to other guilds, including the National PC Guild.

We maintained our old website name and used setting to automatically redirect anyone typing in the old name to our new site.

But the Internet is always changing… our Sony Imagestation site founded by Martha has been replaced by a terrific Flickr account…. (maintained by Martha, Patti & me)

Well the contract for the domain name has expired with GoDaddy.com and we are officially retiring www.philadelphiapolymerclayguild.com .  Thanks to Sherman and Martha who got the original version of  website started and helped bring us to where we are today.

Viva www.papcg.org!  

One comment

  1. Actually, Sherman took over from me and vastly improved my little site. I worked with HTML and UNIX for dummies and it was a big triumph when I learned how to upload a picture and put it almost where I wanted it.
    Sherman made the site a gazillion times better, and gave it a name that people could remember. Sarah has continued making improvements (when do you sleep, Lady?) and keeps doing amazing things with the site. It gets better all the time.

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