More experience with Studio by Sculpey – Breaks easily?


So I brought some experiments with the new Studio by Sculpey clay to the January Guild meeting.  My initial evaluation was that it was very strong after curing, and I demonstrated the flexible strength of the background behind this little birdie.

Two weeks later, Jeanne Dumond from the Columbus Guild posted at PCC that her leaves made with SBS that were initially strong all broke.  Trina Williams had a similar experience.  And the background on my little piece in the picture easily fractured into bits.

Things that broke were cured properly by experienced clayers and were the thickness of the widest setting of the PM or less.  My thicker tiles (3/8ths of an inch) remain strong.  The beads are ok too, but it was pretty hard to make beads with this clay anyway.

So plan your projects accordingly or hold off til more post marketing experience can better clarify how this clay behaves.


  1. A tidbit of information from Synergy: Polyform sent a shipment of Studio to Dan Cormier, and that’s what he’s been using for his latest round of blend experiments. He said he likes the opacity of the clay [when you see the complexity of the blends, you’ll understand why the opacity is important] and that he likes the colors right out of the packages, so it meets several needs for him.

    Well, and when you are supporting your family by experimenting and going through a LOT of clay, “Free Clay” probably meets some very important needs, too!

    I don’t think Dan does a lot of sanding, and his work tends to be veneered over other clay, so the sandability and brittleness issues are probably not issues he has to worry about.

    But I do think Polyform is smart to get the clay in to the hands of some top-level artists.

  2. I’m a doll maker. I’ve read many statements from clay users about beads and such. None from skulptors. I tried the new Premo, . . egads! it’s like trying to skulpt a marshmello! Very dissapointed!

    Will try leaching and other tricks, but am avidly reading anything and everything from others trying to make this new stuff usable!
    Any advice will be very very welcome!
    Stuck and sticky in Florida

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