Webmistress…. webmysterious

So I put up the online registration for the Marlafiori! class today and managed to make our website disappear for a few hours.

I seemed to have tricked it into coming back, so that should work for now.  It is a little mysterious to me.

But sign up for the class with Marla, and beautiful flower canes will not be mysterious for you!  She is an outstanding teacher, and a LOT of FUN.  I am so happy she is coming out to Philly to learn us a thing or two.  The Online registration is working, and I’ve got my ticket for Marlafiori.

Classes are open to members only.  Don’t worry, if you haven’t paid your dues yet, you can do that online at the same place: http://www.papcg.org/index.php?pr=Pay_for_Dues_&_Classes

See you at the workshop!



  1. Not that, but I am using a website builder. My old website (FrontPage) was still up there and the index page took over…. I figured it out and renamed it, and then everything played nice.

    The website builder/template does make some things easier, but it’s hard to get real flashy….

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