Our Annual Retreat – Remember Polydelphia! 2007?

Here are some pictures from our Flickr site to jog your memories!

Keep an eye on this Blog for information about POLYDELPHIA! 2008 scheduled for May 3 & 4 at our usual location at Hillman House in Philadelphia.  This year we plan to have previews of the Silent Auction items and some more surprises leading up to the big event.  Check here often and you’ll stay up to date.

One comment

  1. I’m so looking forward to Polydelphia this year! Just came from Guild meeting and Marla’s demos to day. Such inspiraton! Also, I have a PolyD demo to prepare so I’ve really got to get my hands in clay. Came upon the following resources- just in time:

    Arts and Craftsman on Market St between 3rd and 4th in Philadelphia; across the street from Fork. A great little art store in Old City. Check it out. I just bought some woodless watercolor pencils that color nicely on baked clay.

    New Donna Kato DVD’s – Miss Donna on CDuvall? Wish you took better notes when you last took a class with Donna? Well bring up a new browser window now and go to prairecraft.com and order the 2-DVD set. You know I did.

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