End of Year Report from Terri

OK, I am a terrible webmistress.  I have been swamped and this report from Deputy Blogger Terri Powell sat in my inbox for far too long.  She was timely, I was not.

No matter, the report is still excellent:

Well, you may have noticed that we are winding down for the summer.  Our June meeting, the last meeting of the year for us,  was a big success.  Our guest artist, Canespinner Keith Brown, did a great demo about bowl making.  (Keith’s work can be seen at his website:  www.canespinnerdesigns.com, and the bowl project was recently published in Polymer Cafe.)  The lovely Linda, Lady Librarian, has taken our entire library home for the summer to be recatalogued.  Sarah continues to work tirelessly to bring us the a great program for next year.  Me?  I just lay back and reap the benefits!
For polymer clay fun over the summer, some of our guild membership is attending “Clay Connection”, the Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild’s biennial retreat.  (Their website can be found at:  www.scpcg.org.)  Look for reports about that later this month.
We’ll be kicking off our 2008-2009 meeting year in September with a one day class and a guest artist stint by Kim Cavender, author of “Polymer Clay for the Fun of It” and all-around swell gal.  (And by “swell”  I mean nice and fun, not swollen!)  I don’t remember which class we selected, but I’m sure it will be great!  There should be announcements about all of that when we get a little closer timewise.
Have a great summer, and we’ll see you in September (when the summer’s through)!

Terri Powell, deputy to the deputy blogger

One comment

  1. Okay, Terri! I’m cracking up over this, especially since I AM feeling swollen! I seem to have added a chin or two in the last few years. I can’t wait to get to Philly and have some fun with all of you. It’s going to be swell!

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