Polymer Clay Artists Unite!

I thought you’d like that.

Well I am just so delighted that Polymer Clay Artists have done just that to support regional guilds.

The Silent Auction at our Polydelphia! retreat is the major fundraiser for the Philadelphia Guild.  I understand it is an important fundraiser for the Southern Connecticut Guild as well.

This year I was a little concerned because there was a stark contrast to past years in the contributions we received from the industries that produce the products that we use in our art.  Goodie bags that used to be overflowing with giveaways instead were filled out with canes from guild members and homemade bags of trinkets.  Our Silent Auction had very few donations from companies.  By the time July rolled around, the Clay ConneCTion got even less support from industry than we did.

But the artists saved us.  Amy (Ovenfried) made a significant donation of enough lovely items to fill out our Goodie Bags.  Jeanne Rhea supported our Guild and SPCG with simply lovely items (I own some now).  Guild members made donations which, for some, were the first pieces they had ever made for “sale.” There were many others.

So the headline is:  Polymer Clay Artists Unite… to support regional guilds.  These pieces donated and auctioned have helped the guilds continue to provide educational opportunities for their members.  The pieces have also become treasures to those who “won” them.

I know SPCG joins PAPCG in thanking the artists.  Whether this trend from industry continues or doesn’t, I hope that this amazing outpouring of Polymer Clay Artist Unity does.

Give yourselves a hand!  You deserve it.


One comment

  1. We were all overwhelmed by the generous donations of polymer clay artists around the country. Where the companies have reined in their donations, artists have stepped in to take up the slack. All the wonderful artists’ pieces made the Clay ConneCTion raffle so very exciting. The SCPCG absolutely joins the PAPCG in thanking the many artists who answered our call!

    – Libby Mills, Promotions Coordinator, Clay ConneCTion 2008

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