Making New Memories

Sounds ironic, I know, but the Guild is about to kick off another year and good memories are sure to folllow.   Many people have been working behind the scenes to make this another great year of clay days, guest artists, master classes, library additions and, most importantly, a welcoming community where members and guests can learn and share. We are kicking off in September with Kim Cavender. Check the web site for more informaion.

Speaking of sharing,   I am in the process of compiling another issue of  The Clay News. I would like everyone who reads this post, member or not, to answer the following question: what inspires you? A sentence or two is fine. People will have fun reading what other people say.

Also, feel free to send on any news about your crafty exploits, classes, articles, new products, web sites etc. that you thing would interest our readers. Please try to get everything to me by August 25th. Don’t worry about grammar. My cat edits everything and shreds what he does not like.   Send everything to me at

Now, sit back and enjopy the slideshow of good times past. 

Martha Aleo  Deputy Blogger


  1. What inspires me?

    Usually a social event. The opportunity to show off my work in a subtle way (like simply wearing it) is what gets my creative juices flowing.

    That, and my blog. I like to have creative things to post about. Sometimes that’s enough to make me sit down and work on something new, when I otherwise might have skipped it.

  2. I’m usually inspired by nature. I love to study patterns in things.

    This summer I took a few pictures of a giant hosta who’s leaves had started to dry out. The waves and curls it formed were incredible.

    I also like when I see something out of place. Like eyes on moth wings, deer on a playground and flowers growing in trash. Those things make me want to create something that will make people scratch their heads and say, “What am I looking at?”.

  3. I am inspired by colors – and by nature. I’ll see someone wearing colors that I like or I’ll see colors juxtaposed in some other art work in some other medium (colors I hadn’t necessarily used together before) and I will see how I can incorporate those colors in my work.

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