POST this weekend at Patty’s Studio

POST is the Philadelphia Open Studio Tour, and our guild is representing at Patty Pickup’s beautiful West Philly home studio.  Read more about the tours at

Here’s the news on how you can be involved!

PAPCG participating in POST  Saturday, October 4th and  Sunday, October 5th – Noon to 6 PM

Patty Pickup’s House – 4339 Baltimore Avenue

What is POST?

POST is Philadelphia Open Studio Tour.  (See for more information about POST, be sure to look up Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild on the site).   It is when artists in Philadelphia open their studios, typically their homes, to display their artwork.  It takes place over the first two weekends in October: October 4th and 5th for West of Broad and October 11th and 12th for East of Broad.  PAPCG will be participating the first weekend (October 4th and 5th) because it will be hosted at Patty Pickup’s house and that happens to be where she lives.

This is exciting!  How do we participate?

If you would like to participate, get the Polymer clay things you would like to display to Patty Pickup by the morning (10 AM) of October 4th.  I will set up a collection for stuff (please have it boxed or bagged and labeled) at the guild meeting on September 21, if you do not want to come to my house later or even at all. 

The web site says that this is all day Noon to 6 PM both days.  Do I have to stay all day both days?

You are more than welcome to.  I will have some kind of snack-food set up.  Wine and cheese is traditional but I think I’ll save that for later in the day.  We can sit and chat and greet the visitors that come.  But you do not have to stay here the whole time.  I will watch your stuff.  I think some might want to take turns visiting the other POST artists in the neighborhood.

The web site says that it is for Philadelphia Artists.  Can I participate if I live outside of Philadelphia?

Of course.  If you are a member of the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild, you can participate.

On the web site, it says something about seeing “artists working in their studios”.  Are we actually going to be making things those days?  Are we going to have a demo area set up?

As an audience participant in POST, I rarely saw artists with their tools out working, whether those tools were paint tubes, cameras or block of clay.  Mostly, they just have their artwork out for people to look at.  The limitation for our group would be space.  Although we tend to make small items, we also tend to spread out while we work.  If there is enough room, I could see setting up a single small demo area, maybe in the kitchen, where someone could demo what we do.  The demo would not be like the demos we have at meetings.  More like “this is polymer clay and you can bake it in your oven” type demos.

Are POST artists selling their stuff?

That is not the primary purpose of POST.  Feel free to put price tags on your display if you want.  If you have them, do bring business cards and Artist’s statements, etc.   I won’t object to you selling your things there (I say “good for you!” if you do).   I just won’t be responsible for keeping track of money.  So you should plan on hanging around if you want to sell things and meet potential customers.

How are we going to display this stuff?

If you have a nice tray or something to display stuff that would be great!   Maybe you can pin your jewelry stuff to a cork board or something.  Be creative!  Otherwise, I’ll just set up your stuff on my dining room table like a Guild’s show-and-tell.

But Patty, are you sure you have enough room?

Not really.  I know I have way too much room for just my stuff, which is at best about enough to fill a coffee table.  If the weather is nice I can set up a table out front on my porch or out back on my patio.  I am not really sure how many people are interested in participating or how many things they have to display. 






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