October Classes the Dancik Report!

Robert Dancik taught at our guild last weekend, much to the delight of the 18 students hanging on his every word.  Robert taught art for 35 years, and after handling kindergartners, he was almost able to handle us.  He has a broad wealth of knowledge of working with both traditional and alternative art materials. Theoretically, the class was about cold connections.  In reality, it was so much more. Robert did cover cold connections like rivets and microfasteners, but also talked about paper mache, epoxy resin, faux bone, plexiglas, concrete, panty hose, and I don’t know what all else.  Several people (including  me) felt like their heads were about to explode from the overwhelming amount of information.  Robert’s work (and shop for faux bone and other materials) can be found at his website, robertdancik.com.  Additionally, Robert will be teaching several classes next year at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery.  For more information, check http://www.mcsj.co.uk/.

The next big exciting event for the guild is this weekend.  (That’s October 18-19.)  We are very fortunate to have Barbara McGuire teaching a one day class on face caning on Saturday, AND as the guest artist at our meeting on Sunday.  Barbara is an internationally known artist, author,and television personality.  She also makes really groovy stamps for use with polymer clay.  (I have several of these, and they are great.)  I think there may still be some spaces available in her class, so don’t miss this great opportunity to learn caning from a master (mistress?) artist.  For more information about Barbara, or to check out her gallery, see her website, http://www.barbaramcguire.com/.

Terri Powell, deputy to the deputy blogger

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