Website Woes

Well I am now feeling pretty happy that we had four separate web “entities.” We have this blog for up to the minute information for our members and all the news that’s fit to report about our meetings. We have the Trumba Calendar that keeps track of the Guild events and sends out the monthly email announcements. We have a Flickr site for our pictures. Finally, we have the website we use for online registration for dues and classes. Our guild policies and information¬†are all published there as well.

Well this past week I found that our webhost can no longer interface with my internet provider. I have tried to work with their technical support but it’s not working out too well. Today I changed webhosts. It will take me a long time to restore the website – especially since I don’t have good access to the old one.

So when you see me at the meetings, please offer me some aspirin and tea with lemon. I am going to need it!


  1. In graduate school, we swore by the “Hot Beverage and Advil Hour” to get us through long nights of studying…

    Good luck with the revamp!


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