Silly Millies are coming to PAPCG this Sunday


Silly Milly is Coming!
Well, actually, Layl McDill is coming. She’ll be our guest artist at our guild meeting this Sunday, Feb. 15.
Layl is the brains behind the “Silly Millies” canes (hey, that rhymes!) and has been a good friend to our guild. We’re looking forward to meeting her, live & in person.
The website ( is great. Not only are the wonderful cane designs showcased, there are great project and party ideas for those canes. (C’mon–you know you so want to have a Silly Millies pen party. Or maybe that’s just me.) Best of all are the photos of Layl’s colorful, magical work, complete with the stories of their creation. I always love learning about what inspires others and how their creative process works.
I’m not sure what Layl plans to demo for us, but if she’s anything like her work, we’re going to have a LOTof fun. Hope to see you all there!

Terri Powell, deputy to the deputy blogger

p.s.–Don’t forget to bring your Show & Tell. The folks that were at the Clayathon last month looked really busy, so there should be lots of pretties to admire!

Terri Powell

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