Exploring the possibilities with polymer clay!



We had a great guild meeting today with Guest Artist Jane Wynn.  Jane taught us some soldering tricks you won’t believe.  Lenora soldered a lovely bezel cup and as you can see she was simply delighted.

Jane has some super tips for working with metal.  I think we all saw many possibilities for incorporating the techniques we learned today with our polymer clay work.  Jane even showed us how to patina a piece of polymer clay to make a faux metal that is very convincing!

Paid guild members will be receiving a copy of the notes from today’s session.  You can see more about Jane at her website www.wynnstudio.com.  She shares many tips on her blog.  The Guild Library now has a copy of her first book, Altered Curiousities.  Check it out when you are at the next meeting!

Comments on: "Jane and Lenora make a bezel" (4)

  1. I can’t wait to check out this book!

    It does look like fun with you two in the studio, creating!

  2. I just added some more pix.

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  4. […] roster of past guest artists reads like a Who’s Who of the craft world: Julie Picarello,  Jane Ann Wynn,  Diane Villano,   Louise Fischer Cozzi- and that’s just a few of the outstanding artists […]

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